About us


ARSENAL Special Device Production State Enterprise (ARSENAL SDP SE, former name: ARSENAL Central Design Bureau) is the leading Ukrainian developer and manufacturer of optical and optoelectronic devices for space, aviation and ground equipment for military and civil purposes.
ARSENAL Central Design Bureau was created in 1954 as independent structural unit of ARSENAL Plant (established in 1764). In 1991 it became a government enterprise and later – a state one. In 2009 by the Ukrainian government resolution the ARSENAL Central Design Bureau State Enterprise was renamed into ARSENAL Special Device Production State Enterprise (ARSENAL SDP SE). ARSENAL SDP SE is working under umbrella of the State Space Agency of Ukraine.

ARSENAL SDP SE cooperates with Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, leading aerospace and defense-industrial sector companies from Ukraine and other countries ozkamagrajelly. It is always open to solve new tasks and is ready to discuss propositions on creation, production, modernization and testing of optoelectronic products for different purposes. 

Main technologies:
•    optical;
•    gyroscopic;
•    cryogenic.

ARSENAL SDP SE main research, development and production fields:
•    optical devices for space systems for Earth remote sensing in wide spectral range;
•    spacecraft sun sensors and star trackers;
•    devices and systems for initial azimuth orientation of missiles, space-rockets and artillery complexes;
•    inertial measurement devices for navigation systems, including laser gyros and pendulum accelerometers;
•    aircraft aiming systems, head-up displays, airborne simulators;
•    helmet-mounted target designation and indication systems;
•    IR seekers for air-to-air missiles;
•    IR seekers for anti-aircraft missiles;
•    gyrocompasses and gyrotheodolites;
•    optical elements, lenses, including those for IR devices.